Compagnia d’Arte Drummatica
Sound theatre
The name Compagnia d’Arte Drummatica is clearly evocative of a theatre environment.
Moreover, after several years of work we have become aware of being musicians (or rather sound makers) who are interested in  the  applications and relationship of music with the other arts, which create a 'physical impact' that the sound itself doesn’t have.
That’s the origin of the collaborations with film makers, visual artists, dancers, who have also changed our approach to making music so to create,- when we don’t interact with others- a particular kind of performance we call  ‘sound theater '.
A work whose goal is to find connections between music and theatre in particular,  having in mind a sort of 'chamber music’, that is,  the possibility of a sound generated by a small group whose  extreme simplicity of   means  can create works  that have  the prestige of the enormous complication and  sophistication and the trivial simplicity of the resources employed.