Compagnia d’Arte Drummatica
This  aspect is to be considered in relation with the other activities of Compagnia, whose aim is getting the audience acquainted with  experimental practices, as we believe in the strong educational value of the proposal.
Here are the guidelines of the laboratory projects:
the ludic and expressive type of work carried out, and therefore the competence in improvisation and collective composition represents an important resource for the research of individual well-being and expression;
the use of percussions makes immediate the comprehension of relational and sound dynamics, and above all the possibilities of repetition of the “games “proposed, or just the creation of self-produced tunes; 
the discovery of improvisative and tonal possibilities facilitates the approach to ethnic music and new musical practices  such as the contemporary ones.

The workshop is open to everybody - musicians and not musicians - regardless of age. The minimum and maximum number of participants has to be valued according to the context.
The workshop will be based on experimental music practices and collective improvisation and composition, on the use of orthodox instruments and instruments made using creative recycling as well, on the approach to musical practices of “other” cultures with a crossview to traditional music genres.
The highlight will be the demo-concert held by the participants to the workshop, so that the audience will become aware of and  involved in the training and musical practices carried out during the workshop.
The approach will  be different according to the age, needs and skills of the participants; if addressed to children, adults, disabled - not excluding mixed ability groups.

The programme is based on these themes:
- listening to the environment from the standpoint of  sound;
- the possible use of sounds/noises through sound recording equipments;
- the realization of soundscapes (sound landscapes) by using either music instruments, or sound objects, or invented instruments;
- the evocation of emotions and moods through sound suggestion;
- the use of different improvisation techniques which enable (allow) people who don’t have skills on any instruments to create tunes;
- a possible  approach to “organized sound ” that is the practice of accompanying with sounds
  a  film, a reading, a gallery of images or the place of the performance.

The space needed for the workshop is a room large enough to accommodate the participants, acoustically isolated in case of neighbours proximity.
Finally, a place suitable to accommodate the audience in case the demo-concert is being performed.
Arte Drummatica Workshop